Height Adjustable Table Fittings

Height adjustable table fittings

Tables that adapt to your needs!

Ergonomically designed, the Height Adjustable Table Fittings offer the highest level of flexibility and comfort. The two models, Alti 120 and Alti 80, can be installed anywhere you require a workstation - offices, commercial business centres, shared workspaces, colleges and homes.

Alti 120 is a wide, two-legged table system ideal for larger spaces like offices and commercial spaces while Alti 80 is a one-legged table perfect for bedside corner desks or smaller areas. You can change the height of your worktable according to your convenience and even attain the ideal posture.

Additionally, the tables can be operated by their dedicated handsets or via Bluetooth using the AiDesk mobile application.

Leading the revolution to adapt a better, more convenient and ergonomic working style, the Height Adjustable Table Fittings effectively showcase the SMART ENGINEERING aspect of Hafele’s DNA.